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Wondering what exactly Holistic Medicine is? Luv Yourself is a Holistic Medicine Center in Louisville, KY and we treat many different issues with holistic medicine.  The word holistic means to view all the parts as a whole, to be concerned with the well-being of the entire person. Holistic medicine includes a variety of health care disciplines, such as acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic medicine, and herbalism.

In today’s world, where people work more hours and have less time for themselves, it is important to find ways to take care of yourself. The best way to do this is by taking a proactive approach by self-managing your health. This means taking an active role in your healthcare needs by making healthy lifestyle choices, also by seeking out appropriate healthcare providers – both traditional and non-traditional – for diagnosis and treatment.

What is Holistic Medicine & How Can It Help You?

Holistic medicine is a broad term that includes a wide range of treatments. It can refer to an alternative approach when conventional medicine has been unsuccessful. These treatments incorporate various things such as physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, and nutrition counseling.

Holistic medicine oftentimes takes into account spirituality and emotions as well.

How Does Holistic Medicine Work?

Holistic medicine considers all of the factors that could be affecting your health to find a solution for you. It doesn’t focus on one aspect of your life, but rather all of them. Unlike the traditional medical approach where they have surgeries and throw chemical medications at everyone, a holistic approach is less invasive. Holistic medicine looks at the overall body, posture, and sometimes spirit.

For example, a chiropractor is a holistic type of doctor. They look at your overall posture and stance and adjust your spine and other parts of the body to get the posture correct. Over time our posture gets affected by daily activities and accidents. But, rather than treat the knee pain with knee surgery, they look at what is causing the knee pain and try to adjust the way a person might come down on their knee. While this holistic approach can help many injuries and pain, there are times when surgery might actually be needed. However, many prefer to exhaust their options before going under the knife, and holistic medicine is perfect.

The Benefits of Holistic Medicine:

Some of these holistic medicines are Ayurvedic, i.e., treatments that come from traditional Indian medicine. The other holistic medicines include traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and chiropractic.

The benefits of holistic medicine are that it is more personal than Western medicine. The treatment is less invasive than Western treatments. It focuses on prevention which can then lead to better health outcomes. Other advantages are:

  • It can be more cost-effective too.
  • There are fewer side effects.
  • The treatment plans are usually less complex.
  • They tend to be more culturally sensitive.
  • Your treatment will be personalized and tailored to suit you and what you need in order to feel your best.
  • You’ll get treated not just physically but also mentally and spiritually

If you have alignments that bother you or chronic pain, a holistic approach is an option that you should consider because of this list of benefits.


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