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Luv Yourself was created by owner Paige Pearman to merge Yoga and Ayurveda, two Sister Sciences that were originally practiced together. By now people are profoundly aware of the healing power of yoga, but few know the depths and healing powers of Ayurveda. The sisterly bond of these two life sciences was inextricably linked.

Our mission is for you to learn to Luv Yourself (body, mind and spirit) by inspiring growth, healing and transformation as it is through transformation that we can begin to re-connect to the inner healer that resides within the essence of our being.

We offer yoga classes, Feminine Wisdom Ayurveda and Integrative Health Coaching and Courses, Ayurveda Body Work, Intuitive Cleanses, Energy Work, Mindful-Counseling and Retreats. Paige’s signature program is a yearlong course in Ayurveda merging ancient wisdom with modern Integrative Health with a feminine twist.

Paige Pearman

Owner of Luv Yourself. Ayurveda and Integrative Health Coach, Ayurvedic Body Worker,  and Yoga Instructor.

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