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Private Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

What makes our space unique is that it is small and intimate, so we have the ability to shut the doors and give you a unique, individualized experience. Are you interested in yoga and just starting out and find the idea of going into a class intimidating? We can work through the basic postures with you to help you become familiar with the sequencing and postures before you step into a group class.

Or maybe you have an injury or illness too that is currently limiting your ability to flow with a larger group. We can work with you on restorative yoga postures to help you heal your body until you are ready for a group setting. Our restorative classes are ideal for those who need a slower, safe place to explore, renew and release any traumas or for our senior students.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is not just a private yoga session focused on postures! Our yoga therapy includes yoga postures unique to your body-type, breath-work to balance your body, mindfulness, meditation, guided visualization, self-inquiry, cleansing practices, and more. Our yoga therapy pairs nicely with an Ayurveda consult. Honoring the mind-body connection, yoga therapy recognizes that persistent back pain may be more than just an injury, it could also be emotional tension or repression. The primary philosophical foundation lies in understanding that each person has within them the innate intelligence to heal, however, habits, lifestyle, and mind-body beliefs may be holding a person back from their capacity to heal.

Common reasons people seek yoga therapy include: pain management, emotional relief, low energy, anxiety, stress management, depression and trauma, grief and much more.

What is Assisted Yoga Therapy Stretch?

Assisted Yoga Therapy Stretching is similar to Fascial Stretch Therapy or Thai Message. In a 45 to 60 minute stretch, led by Yoga Therapist Trainer, you will improve your range of motion and increase your blood circulation. Assisted stretch helps with muscles tension, back and neck pain, and range of motion issues or any trauma to the body. Assisted stretching leads to deep relaxation, renewal and stress reduction. The difference between stretching in a yoga class and receiving assisted yoga stretch therapy is that it static versus dynamic. This therapy is coupled nicely as part of your Yoga Therapy session.

Group Yoga in our Studio

Are you wanting to get a group of friends together for a private group class, or are you planning a special occasion like a Yoga Themed Birthday Party for adults or kids? Maybe you are a business and would like to have a private class for your employees? Our space can be leased for your own special healing event, and or we can put together a healing package for you.  Just reach out to us, and let us know how we can serve you.

  • Two hour themed Yoga Party
  • Two hour themed Hands on Healing Spa Party
  • Ayurveda and Integrative Health and Wellness Workshop
  • Aromatherapy Class
  • Health and Wellness Cooking Classes (off site)
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