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New Moon Yoga Nidra

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Friday, December 7th

6:30 pm

Cost: $40


Yoga Nidra – Meditation

As we approach the holidays we can feel the busy-ness not just around us but very much within our bodies as well.  Often times the stress of the holidays and spending time with family can be draining.  Not to mention, it also can sometimes seem as if the essence of the holidays have been long forgotten.  As you approach the holidays, a Nidra is a wonderful way to slow down and take some time to remember what the holidays mean to you.  During this Nidra which has been placed in sync with the rhythm of the New Moon, offering you an opportunity to cultivate the holidays that your heart desires.

A deep relaxation practice that begins in Savasana, or resting pose, which is practiced often to close a yoga practice. Yoga Nidra is guided meditation while in Savasana to deeply relax the body. It starts with a prolonged body scan, to release tension and holding in the body, followed by visualization for healing of the heart, head and body. Affirmations are used to reinforce the healing. This is an effective and powerful practice that has been found to produce profound healing and stress reduction.


Gentle Asana and Pranayama

We will begin with a gentle asana, soothing pranaya (breath practice) to calm the nervous system, then moves into the Yoga Nidra practice followed by a short discussion on Ayurveda and healing teas.

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