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Rejuvenate, Rest and Relax

Luv Yourself is now offering wellness services, retreats and mini-panchakarma experiences at the Inn at Spring Farm. Located on approximately 50 acres, the Inn was originally two dogtrot log cabins built in the late 1700’s. These log cabins were encapsulated in a Colonial style farmhouse in the 1950’s and all the logs covered over. Beginning in 2016 the house was totally renovated and the logs were exposed, turning it into a bed and breakfast which opened in 2017.

Located on the beautiful Spring Run Farm, this nature preserve is a place for connection or a place to get away and reconnect with mind, body and spirit. There are multiple options for couples, friends, individuals, organizations and companies to carve out time and space for healing and bonding.

Your body will be nourished daily with customizable meals, your mind calmed from the serene 50 acres of Kentucky bluegrass, horses, and nature. Let us guide you whether it be through yoga and meditation, nurturing Ayurvedic treatments and remedies, or just time in nature to enjoy the horses and all that the Metro Louisville offers.

All Inclusive Wellness Getaway

Couples, Friends, Mother/Daughter, etc.

  • 2 Night Stay in a luxurious farmhouse, which includes a delicious breakfast.
  • 1 60-Minute Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage or treatment per person (other services can be added by request)
  • Additional RR workshops such as Healthy Cooking Classes or an Ayurvedic or Integrative Health Assessment  
  • Access to the surrounding land and healing through horse therapy, bonfires, and more
  • Delicious and healthy meals to promote whole-body health and balance
  • Morning guided meditation and yoga to connect with yourself or Equine Therapy
1 day panchakarma

Solo Escape

  • 2 Night Stay in the Inn at Spring Farm and “all things Kentucky” bed and breakfast.
  • 1 60-Minute Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage or treatment per person (other services can be added on per guest request) $100
  • Private Yoga or Ayurvedic or Integrative Health Consultation $100
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
1 day panchakarma

Customizable Programs and Retreats

Authentic rejuvenation programs are designed based on your needs for rest, relaxation and wellness goals in mind. Our goal is to stimulate the body’s innate intelligence and self healing mechanisms for mind and body.


Holistic Medicine - Luv Yourself

Corporate Wellness Retreats and Day Programs

Are you looking to rejuvenate your company? We have a venue that serves organic, customizable meals in a beautiful natural setting. We offer Health and Wellness retreats for your company that can increase your business productivity! Located in beautiful Oldham County, Kentucky, The Inn at Spring Farm can accommodate up to 30 guests for daylong retreats.

Naturophatic Medicine - Luv Yourself

Mini Panchakarma and Full Body Detoxification Programs

Cleansing, Balancing, Healing and Rejuvenation

2022 Programs

Examples of Programs we can offer: Yoga Retreats, Ayurvedic Retreats, Culinary Retreats, Trauma Therapy, Couples Retreats, Women’s Retreats and Men’s Retreats. 

Take a moment to view our list of programs now being offered in 2022.  

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