Creating Connection in 2022!

Massive emotional and societal changes took place during Covid. During a long-period of isolation, people are looking for deeper and more meaningful ways to connect. People forewent weddings, funerals, and social outings to protect their friends and loved ones. Covid challenged work-life, family-life, friendships and more.

This transitional period did bring about positive change as well such as cooking at home, spending quality time with family, and even starting a new hobby. As we move into the post Covid era, how can we connect more deeply in mind, body and spirit? Let’s explore and discuss new inventive ways to live our lives in a more meaningful way.

Come learn more about some of the programs and new offerings we will be offering in 2022.

Luv Yourself at the Inn

The Inn at Spring Farm is a refuge for those looking for rest and relaxation, and to participate in  meaningful mind, body and spirit retreats and programs. The Inn joined forces with Luv Yourself, an Ayurvedic Wellness Center to bring mind, body and spirit healing to the community and travelers from near and far.

Programs & Workshops Coming in 2023