Love Living FAQ

Love Living Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not want to be a coach, not a yogi, and not a healthcare professional or body worker?

If you are interested in self-care, self-responsibility for your health, and self-love then I highly recommend 10 Weeks to Love Your Body.

If you are interested in self-care and also interested in learning more about Ayurveda and Integrative Health and looking for a deeper journey and commitment, then I recommend One Year to Love Your Life.

I broke the program up into two modules because while coaching clients, I realized that the one and done approach doesn’t work to well. My clients are usually good for a month on their own, and then back to their old habits within a month or two. Changing our health means changing our lifestyle and habits.

I created One Year to Love Your Life for a deeper journey. It combines my training in Ayurveda, Yoga Health Coaching, and Integrative Health into one program that is a blend of what I was looking for but could not find in one affordable program.

It is a 300-hour certification program, so yoga teachers can count it as continuing education. Also, for anyone who wants to apply Ayurveda in a coaching setting, in a yoga class, and as an add on to their health care practice then this is a wonderful fit for those wanting to heal themselves and heal others. However, you can absolutely do the One Year to Love Your Life for self- healing.

Why is the Program Online?

I started off doing workshops in my little studio wanting to share the wisdom, and quickly learned that people prefer to be in the comfort of their homes learning at their own pace. People are so busy, and with busy schedules, online training offers the best of both worlds. You can learn at your own pace, but you will also have accountability and group support. I also want to offer this program on a larger scale and make Ayurveda and Integrative Health together accessible. It took me three years and over $30,000 to attain this information, and I wished I had something like it in my own journey, so I decided to do just that create it, make it affordable and accessible.

How much time will both courses require?

10 Weeks to Love Your Body will require you shifting your habits, so it is a process that will be part of your entire day from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. I recommend a minimum of an hour a week to watch the videos and read the materials. The sky’s the limit to your learning. I have given you a wealth of information for integrating the habits over 10 weeks, but you will have unlimited access to the course beyond the 10 Weeks, and the learning is for a lifetime.

If you finish 10 Weeks to Love Your Body, and you are loving what you are learning, then you have the option at the end to upgrade to One Year to Love Your Life. This course is a deep dive and a deep commitment, so I would recommend an hour a day (5 hours a week) to reading the material and doing the course work. You will get out of the course what you put into it. There is a video per week to learn from as you go through the course. I have done my best to keep the videos somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes in length, so it doable if you have a full time job.

Will I receive a certification?

There is no certification for the 10 Weeks to Love Your Body, but you can get continuing education if you are a yoga teacher.

Yes, for One Year to Love Your Life, you will receive a 300 Hour Certification as a Level 1 Ayurveda Wellness Coach. This program will give you the skills as a lifestyle, wellness coach that you can utilize for your own healing, as a yoga teacher, social worker, teacher or as a health-care professional. In the US, Ayurveda and health coaching are unregulated industries. Upon completion, you will need to obtain insurance and follow the laws and regulations of your state or country if you practice outside of the US. Similar to a yoga training, you will want to stay within the confines of holistic wellness coaching and not offer medical advise.

People are looking to energy medicine, naturopathy, reiki, and many other healing modalities similar to Ayurveda outside of the current medical model. This program will give you the knowledge and business practices you need to offer Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching upon completion.

This program is unique from any Ayurveda training out there because it has combined my self-mastery program (10 Weeks to Love Your Body) into One Year to Love Your Life. In addition, it fuses Integrative Health, Behavioral Science and feminine form healing with Ayurveda, which makes this training exclusive from any other Ayurveda training. I went to one of the top Ayurveda Colleges in the Country, and the transformation piece, the habit evolution self-mastery, and the modern science and research was not part of my training, thus the creation of One Year to Love Your Life.

This fusion of modalities is why I created One Year to Love Your Life as it wasn’t being offered, and so I brought together the best modern works, mentors, researchers, and authors I could find to provide a unique program unlike any other. I took the best of modern day Ayurveda, and pulled it into a self -mastery health course.

In 2021 – 2022, Luv Yourself plans to offer a Level 2 training to obtain 600 hours in Ayurvedic and Integrative Health training.

What if I am a yoga teacher, health care professional, teacher, human resource professional or a practitioner wanting to bring this work to my community/workplace?

Ayurveda is the Sister Science to yoga so it is a perfect combination for yoga teachers to advance their careers and offer wellness, lifestyle coaching to their business. It will help you grow your clientele and your income. For professionals wanting to bring this to their schools, workplace, or health care business, you will be given the tools you need to expand on the work you are doing to help people heal. It is an exciting time because now more than ever people are opening up to alternative therapies for healing.

How does the payment plan work?

Your payment will be processed on the date you sign up and will renew every month on that day. Unfortunately, we have no control over the date that you sign up so please register on the day you would like the payment to be taken out of your account. After the first 30 days, you are required to pay for the program for the 10 weeks or yearlong program, and the reason for this is that I am sharing with you my intellectual property from the time you start the videos, worksheets, handbook and curriculum. After the first 30 days, you are committed to the completion of the program.

Self Master Your Health and Wellness with Ayurveda, Integrative Health, Behavioral Science and Feminine Form Healing!