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The BodyTalk System™

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Luv Yourself now offers The BodyTalk System™ in partnership with Mollie Yunker.  The BodyTalk System™ is a healing system for the whole being:  mind, body and spirit.  You are a manifestation of every experience, thought and belief.  Your story influences how you are with and in your body and the environment.   

The challenging symptoms can look like allergies, chronic pains, unhealthy relationships, financial woes, illness, learning difficulties, . . .With BodyTalk I can connect to your innate wisdom, initiating a set up for health and well-being.  BodyTalk can support you in becoming a greater version of yourself.  BodyTalk is WholeHealthCare™.

More information about this healing system can be found at www.BodyTalkWorks.net. Mollie has been practicing Body Talk since 2002. To book an appointment with Mollie, you can reach her at 502-550-2719.

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