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Luv Ayurveda Daily Rhythm

Virtual Membership: Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Luv Vibes

Virtual Online and LIVE Yoga Membership Subscription

The Luv Daily Rhythm portal allows you to deeply connect with yourself, gain vitality, and tailor your self care practices to your Dosha and the Ayurvedic seasonal shifts. These practices will teach you to align to your body and to the seasons.

  • Seasonal Practices: Each Month New Yoga Classes will be Shared to Align You to the Seasons
  • Monthly Meditation
  • Seasonal Recipes (Spices, Smoothies, and Recipes) Provided Monthly to Align You to the Seasonal Shifts
  • Community of Like Minded Souls
  • Database of Past Yoga Classes to Choose From Based on Your Mood.

Receive bi-weekly newsletter from Luv Yourself with Motivational Tips to support you in finding homeostasis and a love affair with life.

For roughly the price of a single yoga class, you get access to real time content to study, practice and absorb the teachings. Carefully crafted teachings are hand chosen and designed monthly to align you to the cosmos, attune you to your heart, and to tap into your sacred body. You’ll learn the daily ritual of creating an at home yoga practice!

Members will receive discounts on future workshops and retreats.

Every month offers:

– Customized yoga practice
– Customized guided meditation
– Ayurvedic Self Care Love Tips


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