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The Alchemy and Art of Loving Yourself

A Yearlong Journey Into Ayurvedic Healing!
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It’s time to become an alchemist in your healing journey!

Are you ready to acknowledge that you have the power to heal your life?

Are you ready for an awakening journey to self love – to our deepest vital energy, prana, or life force?

Are you looking for a vibrational upgrade to your physical and energetic body?

Are you ready for an intuitive approach using ancient wisdom that has healed people for thousands of years?

Are you wanting to understand your Dosha (bio-energetic body better)?

Do you suffer from anxiety, pain, digestive complaints, fatigue, hormonal issues, or unwanted weight?


  • becoming the physical and energetic being you’ve dreamt of becoming
  • an internal healing process that awakens your consciousness and heals your wounds physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • your creative, powerful most divine self waking up to the vibration of love that resides within by burning away what no longer serves you, ridding your life of what’s holding you back, and stepping into living limitlessly with abundant health and wellness
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