The Alchemy and Art of Ayurveda

A Yearlong Journey Into Ayurvedic Healing!

Course opens for enrollment January 1, 2024.
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It’s time to become an alchemist in your healing journey!

Are you ready to acknowledge that you have the power to heal your life?
Are you ready for an awakening journey to self love – to our deepest vital energy, prana, or life force?
Are you looking for a vibrational upgrade to your physical and energetic body?
Are you ready for an intuitive approach using ancient wisdom that has healed people for thousands of years?
Are you wanting to understand your Dosha (bio-energetic body better)?
Do you suffer from anxiety, pain, digestive complaints, fatigue, hormonal issues, or unwanted weight?


  • becoming the physical and energetic being you’ve dreamt of becoming
  • an internal healing process that awakens your consciousness and heals your wounds physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • your creative, powerful most divine self waking up to the vibration of love that resides within by burning away what no longer serves you, ridding your life of what’s holding you back, and stepping into living limitlessly with abundant health and wellness

The Art of Self Love is

About seeing the possibilities of how healthy you can become…

It is about transforming yourself through daily habits and rituals. You are more than a physical (mechanical) human being. Your health is intricately connected to your thoughts, habits, environment, relationships, and community.

When you honor and love your sacred anatomy, you raise your vibration and consciousness.

You discover an inner pharmacy to heal, and you are the placebo.

When you tap into your natural bio-energetic body, your innate wisdom to heal is activated.

Introducing Ayurvedic Alchemy Journey

This yearlong self-love mastery course holds you accountable with personalized mentorship, community of alchemy lovers, and a process to become a healthy, energetic lover of life.

As your guide, I am an activator, lightworker, and energetic pranic priestess meaning I help you discover how powerful your life force is and how to alchemize your life through daily rituals, practices, habits, and ways of being and doing.

Discover Rituals and lifestyle habits to:

  • Activate healing through your unique mind and body constitution
  • Learn yoga, meditation and breath practices to support you throughout the year
  • Revolutionize your energy levels
  • Reduce stress
  • Heal wounds and trauma
  • Improve your mindset through mindfulness practices to live pain free
  • Attain improved sleep
  • Realize balanced weight and hormones
  • Enjoy physical, spiritual and emotional abundance
  • Create a love affair with life itself


  • Are ready to prioritize your self care and take responsibility for how you feel
  • Are tired of feeling anxious, stressed, feeling sluggish, bloated or are slowly gaining weight
  • Are ready to finally shift your mindset to start committing to radical self care practices
  • Are ready to no longer play victim to your circumstances with excuses for why you feel less than you should?
  • Know there is no limit to your spiritual and self care practices to heal and activate your life force energy
  • No longer looking for permission to make the impossible possible to live a life of abundant health

If you are curious about Ayurveda,

and you’re interested in how to apply Ayurveda to your life, then read further. Ayurveda teaches a concept called Dinacharya (Daily Habits).

Having a daily and seasonal routine is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy life. Ayurveda is the original Circadian Science that teaches us to align our physical and subtle energetic bodies with our innate diurnal rhythms.

Integrate Ayurvedic Life Force hacks throughout the year – Vata, Pitta and Kapha Seasons:

My guided approach will help you to deeply activate your life force energy to heal. You’ll connect with your inner healer and your divine consciousness to become your own health guru:

In the course you will:

  •  Receive Bi-Weekly LIVE coaching through a community of like minded souls
  •  Be paired up with an accountability partner to help each other raise your vibration
  •  Get in depth video instruction on Ayurveda Psychology, Neuroscience, and Dinacharya (Lifestyle Habit Evolution).
  •  Receive a new habit each month with self-inquiry worksheets to help you ascend. Integration of these habits will skyrocket your growth.
  • Learn to live the habits, and align to mind, body and spirit through a purification process ridding yourself of outdated habits that are lowering your frequency and keeping you stuck in old patterns.


is the oldest form of natural medicine known to man and over 5,000 years old. It is a sophisticated mind-body system. In Ayurveda, the mind and body are inextricably connected, and nothing has more power to heal the body than the mind.

Circadian Science Meets Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the original circadian medicine. Circadian Medicine won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017! This discovery proved that our internal clocks govern human life.

If you are not in sync with your circadian clock or energetic body, then you are manifesting disease within the body on a cellular level.

The question then becomes how do we align to our biological clock? The answer is in your energetic body. Ayurveda gives a masterful system to put into place called Dinacharya!

If you are curious about Ayurveda, then it’s time to align your body with the energetics of the day light-dark cycles known as circadian rhythms through Dinacharya (Daily Habits).

Dinacharya teaches us to work with our subtle energetic life force and align it to time our diurnal rhythms.

Abundant healing life force energy is available to us when we sync to this rhythm.

Ayurveda and Psychology

Over 90 percent of modern diseases are due to stress and improper habits. Transformation does not happen through will power alone. For example, most diets fail within the first month or two because the lifestyle changes are not automated and integrated into the mind and body.
Information does not equal transformation. Transformation happens when all parts and pieces of you are in play.
Learn to hack your energetic body through the energetic seasons (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) by learning to work with your innate rhythm or your Ayurvedic Dosha! Through learning how to align to your energy body, you will hold a higher frequency rather than a lower vibration of outdated habits that deplete you, thoughts that ail you, and Zombie like living.

Get Started in Your Ayurvedic Alchemy Journey

Step 1 – Your Intake Consultation

In this powerful 90 minute session, we discuss your entire health history, which includes your past, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Step 2 – Your Blueprint –

You’ll receive a blueprint of your unique constitution and imbalances as well as a protocol for how to begin the process of healing naturally revealed in a 60 minute followup session.

Step 3 – 10 Habits in A Yearlong Journey to Wellness

Spend a year integrating Ayurvedic lifestyle habits for transformation. Some habits may already be automated and other habits may be new to you. You’ll receive accountability calls and group support to help you automate new habits and break through your blocks.


• Reduce Stress, Inflammation and Pain

• Learn Stress Management Techniques

• Balance Your Weight, Improve Your Energy and Stamina

• Improve Sleep and Morning Routines

• Learn Disease Prevention Techniques

• Step into Self Care, Mindfulness, and Love Life

• Raise Your Vibration and Ascend to become your own Divine Healer

• Identify yourself as a spiritual being who came here to live in health and energetic abundance

What You’ll Learn

Habit 1: Recharge Your Metabolism and Healthy Eating Guidelines

This is the trigger habit to set all other habits in motion.

You’ll get clear on what eating an earlier dinner means and what an ideal dinner should look like. You’ll receive coaching around how to navigate obstacles — like schedule conflicts, endless to do lists, partners’ and kids’ needs.

Habit 2: Reclaim Restful Sleep and Establish Evening Rituals

You know you need to get to bed earlier. But then you don’t because you haven’t completed your to do lists, you want to watch that favorite TV show, spent time with your partner, or just had a moment to yourself. Sound familiar? Learn the in’s and out’s of how to get a good night’s rest.

Habit 3: Establish Mindful Morning Rituals

Create a sequence of morning habits to feel energetic upon awakening, and to set up your day in a way that gives you tons of energy and a positive outlook on life.

Habit 4: Move Your Body and Life Force Energy

You know you need exercise, but do you know how to move your breath to sync your heart and brain together for fulfillment? The question is: are you daily getting exercise and using your breath to bring your body into a healing state? Are you getting the right form of exercise at the right time? We will get clear on what is going to work for you, and how to do it. This isn’t an exercise program, it’s about working with your metabolism and your energetic body type or Dosha.

Habit 5: Eat Your Ecosystem and Plant Based Diet

Learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet. If you are vegetarian, but eating processed foods, learn how to do it successfully. If you are a meat lover, then we’ll help you add in plants that will help you thrive. Don’t worry if you are attached to a specific diet or diet plan, you will learn how to up your micro-nutrients to give your body life force energy.

Habit 6: Self Love Through 5 Sense Therapies and Abhyanga

Touch is crucial to a healthy mind and body. Learn about self massage and how it balances hormones, nervous system and immune system. In addition, we will discuss the 5 Senses from an Ayurvedic perspective, and how to bring them into balance.

Habit 7: Meditation and Mindfulness

You will learn to meditate to lower your blood pressure, stress, improve heart health, sanity and so much more. You will learn the importance of heart-brain coherence. You will practice non-doing, and sending yourself loving kindness to increase your love for your body.

Habit 8: Detoxify Your Home, Kitchen and Take Charge of Your Meal Planning

What you eat is important, but how you eat is just as important if not more so. Are you snacking? Eating your biggest meal at dinner? Skipping meals? Eating in front of the TV or working? Do you struggle to find out what the heck to eat on a given day?

What do you put on your body and breath in your home? Having a toxic home can largely impact your health. You will learn how to clean up your home and kitchen making them sacred places for healing.

Habit 9: Alchemize Radical Self Love and Improve your Relationships

Learn to love yourself with the same love you would give to your spouse, family member or your children. Learn self-compassion, and how to turn off the inner critic by learning to honor the process and by being present instead of being a perfectionist.

You will learn to give yourself time and treat every part of your body with love so that everything that comes into your being is with loving kindness.

When you love yourself interestingly enough your relationships improve too.

Habit 10: Restore Peace of Mind and Break The Stress Habit

Ease versus stress! What if your thoughts were working for you and not against you all day long? Learn to take every day and every moment as an opportunity to live in the present. You will learn that your life is a form of meditation, and how to make every moment count.

Meet your Ayurvedic Guide, Paige.

I am a lightworker. I help you embody your light, activate your life force energy, and live from a higher state of consciousness. I am an Ayurvedic Health Coach, Integrative Health Coach, Ayurvedic Body Worker and Yoga Teacher RYT 200. I love merging the ancient science of Ayurveda with modern living and modern integrative health protocols.

My sole purpose in offering this course is to teach you that you are your own Divine Healer, and to help you step into living an awakened life with your health being supreme.

When you are healthy, you alchemize with life. You learn the true art of living in harmony and total expansion. Through your health, you have the potential to live the life you embodied in human form to live.

Why you need a transformational guide…

I’ve spent over $100,000 in my healing journey. You don’t have to wait 15 years like I did and spend thousands of dollars in seeking healing outside of yourself. You are your own guru. Yes, you can do this work alone, but you will need the willpower to pull it off. Transformation alone is hard stuff (trust me I know).

Transformation with a guide and soul community of like minded folks will allow you to grow exponentially. If you decide NOT to do this course, you may change temporarily, but eventually you’ll probably slip back into outdated patterns as your body continues to send you signals that it isn’t okay and that it really does need a radical change.

If you decide not to do the course, you may continue to live out of rhythm with your body as it slowly sends you more and more warning signals that it isn’t okay. When we ignore our bodies, we can end up with weight gain, heart disease, chronic pain, auto-immune issues, and so much more.

I have a saying, “We are either living or dying inside.” When we are functioning from a high vibration, we slow or arrest the aging process, and when we are not living from our highest truth, we are suffering with pain, weight gain, auto-immune issues and disease.

What’s Included

You’ll receive inspiration, guidance and support throughout your journey. Course includes coaching, community, videos, downloadable self-inquiry worksheets.

Here’s everything you will get:

  • A Personal Coaching Session via Zoom or In-Person to identify your unique body-type or Dosha
  • A road map of recommendations for your healing journey
  • 9 months of coaching to guide you on your journey
  • Bi-Weekly Group Accountability Coaching Calls (9 months)
  • Mindset Tools: Yoga Classes, Meditations, Breath Work and Self-Inquiry Worksheets
  • The Alchemy and Art of Loving Yourself Habit Workbook with holistic tips, recipes and systems to help you turn information into transformation!
  • Reading Assignments and Self Study
  • Group support, motivation, encouragement and a community working towards the same goals
  • Continuing Education hours for yoga instructors!

Plus You’ll Receive:

  • Ayurvedic Seasonal Rhythms: The course will focus on each Doshic Season (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)
  • Seasonal Yoga Practices (Vata, Pitta and Kapha Season) as part of our Luv Daily Rhythm Yoga Platform
  • Shopping lists with recipes and foods for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Season
  • Exclusive Facebook Group to ask questions and engage with the Alchemy and Art of Loving Yourself Community
  • Self care techniques demonstrated for the season and your Dosha
  • Webinars to upgrade your knowledge and learning
  • 1,000+ hours of yogic and Ayurvedic teachings and classes


  • Ayurvedic 5 Hour Doshic Assessment and follow up ($300)
  • Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls ($900)
  • Luv Daily Rhythm Platform with hundreds of hours of recorded content ($198)
  • Private Facebook Group ($100)
  • Handouts and Resources to advance in your journey ($250)

Regular Price: $2,850

Your Price: $1,111 (Paid in Full) or $97/mo for 12 months.

“I have returned to my roots”

“This course helped me return to my original roots from India. I was raised with a lot of Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, but once moving to the US, the stressful modern lifestyle here impacted me. It has helped me honor the lifestyle practices of my lineage. I appreciate Paige’s knowledge of Ayurveda. Paige has helped me refocus my awareness to honor these great teachings!”

– Bhavana Barde, Owner, Superfood Veda

“I have gained energy, better moods, clarity…”

“I absolutely love the support I have received in my health journey from Paige and her wealth of knowledge and guidance. The individual help and motivation I have received from her 10 week and yearlong course in Ayurveda and Integrative Health has been so valuable and knowing the why behind it all motivated me further. I have gained energy, better moods, clarity and of course weight loss. I FEEL healing from the inside out. It’s been wonderful to have the support and accountability that Paige provides. I can’t say enough good things and highly recommend contacting her as well as joining in on the seasonal cleanses and courses offered.”

– Lori Edge, participant in Love Your Body!

“It’s okay to practice self-compassion

“The ten-week course helped me on the road to taking care of myself. I came to Paige for guidance after experiencing retirement from teaching and empty nest syndrome and feeling a little lost. I enjoyed reading the recommended literature, which was educational, but what meant the most to me was the support of the small group. My takeaways include: I now have a little alter in my home for meditation, closing my kitchen after 6:30, the importance of a nighttime routine to wake up and journal in the morning and most importantly that it’s okay to practice self-compassion. I received support and patience with all my questions.”

– Kim Metzger

“Feeling healthier and stronger

“The ten-week course has been transformative! I have been able to change habits that I never thought I could change.  I am feeling healthier and stronger and have more energy to enjoy my life and discover what I love! I had reached a plateau and couldn’t move past it on my own. Paige offers incredible knowledge and wisdom and the group model provides support and guidance throughout the entire process.”

– Laura W.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This course starts when you enroll and you have access to the content as soon payment is received.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We cannot promise transformation that is up to you. We do use 5,000 years of time tested wisdom to help you learn how to heal your own life and take your health into your hands.

Live The Wisdom of Ayurveda

At one point in my healing journey, I was literally brought to my knees looking for an answer. I looked everywhere else but within myself. Ayurveda teaches us that we are our own healer. You know your body better than anyone else – any doctor, therapist, teacher or practitioner in any of the healing arts. You can continue to look for the answers outside of yourself, but when that no longer serves you then eventually you will learn to look within. This course is about empowering you to look within and begin to be an alchemist with your life.

If you are looking for the great healer within then this course is for you. I have no doubt that you will transform if you follow the process, step into the journey, and do the work. By combining Ayurveda, Integrative Health and Behavioral Science, your life will be shifted forever. You will be empowered to heal yourself, your home, your community and loved ones. This journey is not for the faint of heart. It requires massive shifts in thinking and being. It requires a great deal of work and inner transformation.

Our world is very toxic, and when Ayurveda was developed 5,000 plus years ago, our ancestors were not facing thousands upon thousands of chemicals dumped into the air, water and food. Today, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda can heal us. Our bodies are bombarded with toxicity, and Ayurveda gives us a purification system for not just the body, but the mind and soul.

Not only do our bodies need purification, our mind does too. We are living in a fast paced technological world with no change in sight. Our mind needs space and room to digest, absorb and integrate the information age.

Given the toxicity and pace of the modern world, we need Ayurveda now more than ever. Integrative Health can also help bring our bodies back into balance. Auto-immune diseases, cancer, obesity, and childhood learning disabilities are all on the rise. Ayurveda is a complete system that can help us bring our bodies back into balance.

I cannot wait to welcome you into our group and community! I look forward to helping you on your healing journey. Come learn to alchemize Ayurveda with me!

With love,


The Alchemy and Art of Ayurveda

A Yearlong Journey Into Ayurvedic Healing

Course opens for enrollment January 2024
Bi-Weekly LIVE calls are held year-round. As soon as you enroll, you can download the Syllabus and the Schedule for Live Calls held via Zoom. Link is included in the platform.