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Mollie Yunker, BodyTalk and Reiki Practitioner

Mollie Yunker is a BodyTalk practitioner of the Luv Yourself Team. Mollie has been studying and practicing BodyTalk since 2002. Her education in the healing arts includes the Advanced BodyTalk classes: Orthopedic Evaluation, Mindscape, BodyChemistry Specifics and Evolve Epigenetics. In 2017 she became certified as a Reiki Master Teacher. Mollie has had many trainings and initiations: Shamanic Journeying, Tarot, Runes, intuition development and more.


“I experienced the power of BodyTalk at an open house where Mollie did a quick scan for me, my wife and my daughter. I was amazed how she was able to intuit specific details about my family. In the meeting that followed, I discovered a deeper understanding of the relationships in my family. Results were the dissolving of fear and resistance that was holding me back from a more intimate relationship with my family and in my spiritual awakening. I’m very impressed with the results that far exceeded my expectations and have been largely a surprise.”  – John

“My four year old son woke up with a stomach bug, unable to keep anything down. The day before we had been with some friends who had a 12-hour bug. I contacted Mollie for a remote session. She said the process is over a two hour period and she is “interrupting the cycle of the virus.” Almost immediately, my son’s demeanor changed and he began asking for food. He kept everything down from that point on and returned to his normal self right away. I couldn’t believe the immediate turn around! As the mother of small children, I have come to understand how intricately interconnected I am with my children on many levels. After a session with Mollie, I see signs of my children processing the “work” from the session with me.” – MKD

“I was desperate to crawl out of this hole I had been in for YEARS. I had one session with Mollie and knew I had to work with her. I have worked with her for a month now and am out of my hole and on my way to understanding myself more than I have ever thought possible. She has given me clarity and hope that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  Have one visit with her, and you will understand how amazing she really is”  – Connie

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