(502) 641-6101 | 224-B Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

Marcela Vrebac, Head of Community Development
Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner

Marcela Vrebac is committed in sharing and growing the benefits of yoga in our beautiful city, with a passion for teaching, adventure, and self-discovery. She loves to uplift the spirits of other’s through gentle Yoga movements, Meditation and simply listening. Marcela’s classes range from traditional Hatha to Restorative Yin. With a genuine non-judgmental approach, her classes are beginner friendly and inviting to all ages and physical fitness levels.


“Marcela is the sweetest!!! The first time I attended her yoga class, I loved it. She is very professional and has this ability to connect with your soul making you feel relaxed and calm. You can feel her good energy flowing into the room.”

Leidy Garcia – February 26, 2019

“Simply put Marcela is the best! Reiki – truly a monumental experience for me in my life. Words will fall short in describing not only the experience, but the benefits to follow. I feel rejuvenated and inspired to say the least. I feel back in tune mentally, physically, and most important to me spiritually. Like anything it takes maintenance and commitment. From healing hands to verbally coaching you through, I recommend all to try this uplifting experience. She radiates beautiful vibes and definitely brings another level of energy. Thanks Marcela! ”
Thomas Oller – April 8, 2019

“While I have only attended two of her classes so far, she is caring and wants to help everyone become better  – sincere and terrific instructor. Highly recommended – 5. Thank you Marcela!” Jeff Slyn – April 4, 2019

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